Saved Searches & Search Help

Saved Searches and Search Help

Register a search and receive email notification when an item that matches your personalized search is newly entered on the site. Your search can be as specific as a sale title and date or just a general search covering a whole category. Our database is automatically scanned every 24 hours and any new matches to your search sent out by email, such are the wonders of computers. A gift voucher is offered to all first time users of this search facility and can be used immediately. There is no limit to the number of searches you can register. You can select time periods of up to a year before your search expires and all searches are easily cancellable or can be modified.

Whether browsing or searching for a specfic item it may be useful for you to know the conventions we use when describing our catalogues and in which categories you will find them.

Dates, for example, are written using the old fashioned method - 9th December 1996, not 9/12/96 or 12/9/1996. So if you know the date of a catalogue you are seeking enter 9th December 1996 in the search engine and it will appear along with any other sale held on the same day. If you need to refine the search further you can either add name of the auction house or a word from the title of the sale.

Locations are listed by their English names.

Spellings - In general we use English spellings rather than American. Watercolour rather than watercolor (expect when this is included in the title of an auction in the US). Use Christies and Sothebys rather than Christie's or Sotheby's in your searches, though we do include both in most descriptions.

The full title of the catalogue in its original language is always included in our description though our own heading will show a translation into English or an abreviation.

Searching for catalogues on a non-mainstream subject such as tennis, netsuke or Flemish Old Master drawings? Then simply enter 'Tennis', 'Netsuke' or 'Flemish' into the search box and catalogues with that word in the title will appear. Still not found what you want? Think there may be Flemish drawings in other catalogues? Email us at We are here to help and will look though catalogues to give you more information should you require.

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